JavaScript automated mouse cursor


MouseMove is a compact JavaScript library that simplifies the implementation of mouse movements and actions, by following an array of user-defined commands or functions. It offers users a user-friendly and efficient way to enhance interactive automation.

let _list =
    'node',                              // Elemental Identifier
    'body > ul > li:nth-child(1)',       // CSS Selector
    '//input[@id = "fakebox-input"]'     // XPath

This library offers two distinct methods for defining cursor automation.

Implicit Functionality

Provides users with a predefined method for a simplified process; for those who seek a straightforward automation solution.

Each element can be expressed by either an element identifierCSS Selector, or XPath:

Explicit Functionality

Allows users to create customizable cursor movements and actions, through a pre-defined object type.

idelement expressed by either an element identifierCSS Selector, or XPath
actionsets a ( final ) action for each DOM element
binduser-defined anonymous function(s) associated with each element

Example structure

let _object =
    id: 'ui-node',    // [REQUIRED] ... type: <string>
    bind:             // [OPTIONAL] ... type: Object.<string, function>
        onmouseover: ( ) =>
             = 'rgb(0, 1, 1)';
   = 'rgb(2, 3, 5)';

   = 'block';
        onmouseout: ( ) =>
            // code ...
    action: 'click'   // [OPTIONAL] ... type: <string>

Note: visit MouseMove's GitHub page for further details.


Incorporating MouseMove into your toolkit can enable you to create dynamic and engaging web interfaces and applications. Its simplicity and customizability make it a valuable asset for anyone seeking to automate a web interface.

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