Failing Gracefully & Consciously

My rant on failing faster while approaching life’s obstacles

Failure comes to all of us who are bold enough to take risks. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender, race, nationality, and socio-cultural status you were born into. In real life, the only thing that matters is that if you fail at something, you try again… and again, and again… until you succeed. Ultimately, we cannot afford to be ignorant of failure, for failure is nothing more than a part of our overall learning process. 

Many of us do tend to grow up with a warped sense of failure, as being a definitively negative thing. Something that should be strongly avoided, and definitely the opposite of success.   Albeit, failure should never be considered as something shameful, rather, as an unavoidable byproduct of growth. In addition, if we made a more sincere effort of recalling this undeniable feature of reality, we might be better equipped to cope with our increasingly hectic and burnt-out culture. In understanding that we are imperfect, surrounded with imperfect people who(m) all retain their own issues and flaws, we might be able to achieve a more compassionate and empathetic attitude towards ourselves; and others.

When faced with failure, there are predominantly two key concepts that (if acute) can enable you to fail gracefully, and successfully: agency, and iteration. Agency grants us influence and accountability, while iteration allows us to a gain further understanding of our results. When we lack agency, we find ourselves in situations that don’t feel right or feel like they are out of control. This can result in stress and anxiety or a feeling of apathy and stagnation. In contrast, by acknowledging our agency we allow ourselves to take responsibility for ourselves and the things we influence. Whereas agency focuses on our influence(s), iteration creates a routine that encourages us to reflect; on a regular basis. When these two concepts are combined, they enable us to transform and transcend ourselves through reflection and retrospection. 


Understanding how to fail faster is essential, and the manner in which we do so is by being more aware of our actions, and coming to a greater understanding of our role in the world. While there is no specific path towards accomplishing this, understanding oneself, your actions, influence(s), and method(s), will grant you a deeper comprehension of your (personal) involvement in your activities, and how to achieve desired results. Finally, if we truly wish to succeed sooner, we should graciously embrace all understanding, awareness, and innovation derived through failing smarter, negating time wasted towards achieving success. With this in mind, please embrace all understanding gained through effortless failure.

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