C++ Dice Generator

Dice is a basic program designed in C++ for educational and extracurricular purposes. 


Migrate to your desired download location on your local machine using your (either) your console or terminal, and download this repository to your system using git clone: 

git clone https://github.com/Justin-Byrne/Dice.git 

Utilize the Makefile within the Player subdirectory immediately under the root directory, and utilize the following command(s) for the platform that you are using:


> make win32 
> make clean 


> make linux 
> make clean 


Usage for this application can be found by using the --help flag, at the prompt: 

> Dice --help

Usage:  Dice D[no] [rolls] <[multi]>

                --help          Display this help and exit
                --version       Output version information and exit

                [no]            Number associated with the type of dice generated
                [rolls]         Amount of rolls that each dice should be rolled
                [multi]         [Optional]: Multiplier to be applied to the value rolled

Presently, there are two primary methods of generating and rolling dice with this program:

  1. The following command will generate a single D6, roll it once, and providing the following output:
> Dice D6 1

 > Results:
        Amount of Dice: 1

 > Generated Dice | [TYPE]: Cube  [SIDES]: 6  [MULTIPLES]: 1  [VALUE]: 3

Total: 3
  1. The following command will generate two D8 die, roll each of them, and provide the following output with a 10 x multiplier:
> Dice D8 2 10

 > Results:
        Amount of Dice: 2

 > Generated Dice | [TYPE]: Octahedron  [SIDES]: 8  [MULTIPLES]: 10  [VALUE]: 4
 > Generated Dice | [TYPE]: Octahedron  [SIDES]: 8  [MULTIPLES]: 10  [VALUE]: 3

Total: 70


UML Basic Diagram

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