C++ Character Generator

A basic program designed as the basis of an RPG-like character generator developed in C++ for educational and extracurricular purposes.


Migrate to your desired download location on your local machine using your (either) your console or terminal, and download this repository to your system using git clone:

git clone

Utilize the Makefile within the Player subdirectory immediately under the root directory, and utilize the following command(s) for the platform that you are using:


> make win32
> make clean


> make linux
> make clean

Note: Your compiled binary output will be generated under the bin directory, inside the release directory. It's from this directory that you can execute your compiled file.


> Player --help

Usage:  Player <[option]||[no]> [name] [class] <[max]||[int] [str] [vit] [dex] [lck]>

                --help          Display this help and exit
                --version       Output version information and exit

                [no]            Number associated with the generated character
                [name]          Name of the generated character
                [class]         Class of the generated character
                [max]           Max boundary to couple with a minimum boundary of 1
                                for a random number generator generating values for
                                all 5 attributes: <int> <str> <vit> <dex> <lck>
                [int]           Set the value for the intelligence attribute
                [str]           Set the value for the strength attribute
                [vit]           Set the value for the vitality attribute
                [dex]           Set the value for the dexterity attribute
                [lck]           Set the value for the luck attribute

Presently, there are two methods of generating a character with this program:

> Player 1 Bob Hunter 20

> Player 2 Bob Hunter 8 10 17 12 7


UML Basic Diagram

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