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Automated UML modeling for JavaScript classes to enable developers to extract valuable insights, save time, reduce risks of inconsistencies, and more...


The purpose of the ClassGenerator tool is to seamlessly transform JavaScript classes into PlantUML script, allowing for the effortless generation of UML Class diagrams. To illustrate its functionality, let's consider an illustrative example — an exemplary JavaScript class that we can readily convert into a visually appealing UML class diagram.

JavaScript Class

Create a standard JavaScript class, like so:



PlantUML Class Diagram

Convert JavaScript class into PlantUML class diagram, using ClassGenerator...





This process will intermediately produce a PlantUML script; prior to a UML image!

PlantUML Image Types

Each available image type accessible via the -m or --make flag
  • png
  • svg
  • eps
  • eps:text
  • pdf
  • vdx
  • xmi
  • scxml
  • html
  • txt
  • utxt
  • latex
  • latex:nopreamble
  • braille

PlantUML Script

Convert JavaScript class into PlantUML script, using ClassGenerator...





This process will only produce a PlantUML script!

PlantUML Linked Class Diagram

Convert JavaScript class with linked JavaScript objects into a linked PlantUML class diagram...





This process also produces PlantUML scripts & images for each UML model!